Job Description:

Mainly responsible for all matters related to the goods after discharged from domestic warehouses, including but not limited to the following:

1. Sorting express mail, package, etc.

2. Inputting the information of parcels into a computer(have the ability to operate simple program of computers)


As long as you are between 18 and 33 years old, hardworking and responsible, you are welcome to join us!

International Logistics Sales Manager

Job Description:

1. Familiar with the basic knowledge of international express delivery and parcels, and lead the sales team to achieve the sales goals set by the company;

2. Develop new customers to achieve sales objectives through the company's sales platform;

3. Complete sales tasks according to company requirements and achieve monthly performance indicators;

4. Improve professional level and marketing ability by consistently learning;

5. Responsible for daily work management, recruitment, training and so on.


1.Between 25 and 35 years old; Male or female; College degree or above (for those with excellent qualifications,the requirements can be lower appropriately);

2. With extrovert personality, quick reaction, strong expression ability, and have a certain degree of communication skills;

3. At least 3 years experience in international express sales supervisor or manager;

4.Master office software;

5. Have high passion and desire to succeed in sales work, have strong learning ability and excellent communication ability;

6.Have the market development ability ,good customer service and team cooperation consciousness.

International Logistics Sales

Job Description:

1.Develop potential customers and achieve sales targets;

2. Establish customer information files and complete relevant sales reports;

3. Establish good relationship with customers to maintain corporate image;

4. Engaged in market research, analysis and collection of market information.


1. College degree or above, those who experience in express delivery or logistics industry is preferred;

2. Good communication skills and persuasive ability, able to work under great pressure;

3. Familiar with office software (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT);

4. Have strong sense of responsibility and interested in express industry.